Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Bluchip cares about the convenience of our clients so that they receive a pleasurable experience. We accept many convenient payment methods for account resolution to ensure your comfort.

Our consumers have a choice to make payments through our website or contact an agent to find information to get details on paying by phone and guidance on the address to mail payments.


Resources is a free financial education resource by the federal government for people of all ages. Their numerous programs cater to the youth, researchers, teachers, and other individuals. The portal provides a composing point of view regarding personal finance, including tricks on financial planning to help improve financial stability.

Receivables Management Association (RMA) is a trade organization dealing with the receivables management industry. It contains resources for consumers searching for online financial education. RMA website has a specific section, The Consumer Resources, for the purpose. It provides information, tools, and resources that can help you make informed financial choices and put your finances under control. It also shares information on ways to prevent deception and fraud.

A credit report is an in-depth report showing a history of borrowing and an outcome of those accounts. Regular monitoring of credit reports keeps you informed about your financial prospects and helps with protection against fraud., provided by Experian, provides consumers a free tool to check credit reports and scores. The tool also allows monitoring.

Compliance Contact

Having issues with one of our account managers? If you feel abused or harassed, please call our Compliance Department and speak to our Compliance Officer.

Compliance Officer: Jamie Allen
Phone: (833) 709-2666