The BluChip Financial Group, LLC is a call center company for everyone. We provide uniformed and personalised ARM customer care solutions that meet unique needs for each of them. We deliver recognized outcomes that enable our clients to realize the desired business objectives by providing outstanding customer services using advanced methods.

  • Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Collection & Recovery
  • BluChip is an all-inclusive ARM firm with broad experience specialty, first and third-party debt recovery.

Client Relations

We have a committed client relations team to deliver communication and respond rapidly with precision. The role of the team is to ensure that the needs of the customers are met.

Administrative Support

Customers who require auxiliary or additional capacity can benefit from the back office support.

Regulatory & Compliance Management

We recognize regulatory background policies & procedures. We enable it by adhering to compliance.

Customer Care & Service

Our call center agents have expert training to deliver unparalleled customer care assistance through supportive and proficient communication.

Customer Care & Administrative Support

We are flexible in serving multiple industries. Our reps provide customized, high-quality service that meets the needs and requirements of each client.


We have experienced specialists in strategic telemarketing campaigns. Consult us to get a specialist who will increase your sales and profits.

Product Ordering

Our reps provide live support for product ordering and other relating questions. They handle primary and overflow call volumes.

Market Verticals

We provide large financial institutions with advanced performance and essential compliance they require through meticulous recovery and compliance programs.

Retailer and

Our team provides personalized service solutions and complete collection services for retailers with E-Commerce and physical businesses.

Colleges & Universities

We have an expansive knowledge of diverse student loan components to give clients the right balance of security and execution.

Utilities and Telecom

BluChip strives to increase profits for our clients while sustaining progressive customer interaction.


We successfully serve the clients through different phases of returns management progression with authentic and perceptive communication.

Complaint Resolution

We follow specific consumer-friendly procedures to log, investigate and resolve any dissatisfaction by our clients.

  • Media Documentation and Fulfillment
  • Our technical and data management staff skillfully catalog, manage and complete documentation for fast handling of account validation.
  • Satisfaction of Judgment Filings
  • BluChip understands how to handle the complexities of filing and verifying Satisfaction of Judgement(SOJs) in countrywide jurisdictions.